Abis Tarot Readings

About me

My name is Abigail Leach and I’ve been reading Tarot Cards for 4 years now and for people all over the world.


I work closely with my guides who help me to deliver accurate messages for people and situations on going in their lives. Whether you need guidance or an accurate view into your future.


I tailor and work with the cards specifically for the clients needs. Tarot cards help me to tune into my gift. I’ve know I’ve had a gift from around the age of 11, I would predict events having a strong inner knowledge of this, which is knows as claircognizance. I also use clairvoyance, Clairesentience and clairvoyance to deliver messages.


Tarot cards are the practice of using a tool to gain insight into the past/ present and future by drawing and interpreting the cards. I intuitively pick up the information that the cards are telling me. A deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards, which are split into two categories, the major and minor arcana.



“The major arcana cover life events that we have no free will over and the minor cover situations we can change.”