Abis Tarot Readings

What I offer

I am able to offer online or in-person readings to be held at a time that suits you. All of our services are available this way, giving you the opportunity to sit in the comfort in your own home if that suits you. Alternatively, we can arrange to meet up and I will be able to sit across from you while I read your past, present and future.

Full Celtic Cross Spread

This card layout originally starts with ten cards however I like to pull more for clarification. This tarot spread covers past, present, future predictions, what may be blocking the client at this time, the advice of the tarot, the environment around the client that may be affecting them, their hopes and fears and their overall outcome of the spread, along with any spiritual message or guidance that may come out too. 

Questions Answered

I will choose however many cards I am drawn to to help answer anything the you are wanting to know the answer to. This could be a situation at hand or a future predictions of how a topic may turn out for you.

Ask questions on anything that important to you in your life, from love and relationships, to career paths and unknowns. I will read the cards to provide you with the insights to help you decide your next step.

Pendulum Questions

I use a board for this which has the options of yes, no, try again. It also covers  specific dates and timings. Yes or no questions are better answered with this divination tool, although the answer you receive may not give you as much detail as the above methods, if you choose the question carefully enough, it could give you the answer you have been looking for.